Hang Heart Botanical Aqua/ Gold

Hang Heart Botanical Aqua/ Gold

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      • Material: Metal, String
      • Size: 11x8x2cm
Let the love shine and hang peacefully in your living room, creating the perfect vibe in your spaces

Equip yourself with the finest symbols of affection, these adorable and charming Botanical Aqua / Gold hanging hearts. In the happiest of homes, love doesn't hang in the balance, it hangs in the living room! With these exquisitely crafted hanging hearts, your place is bound to experience a special sort of emotion and a soothing, calm vibe. Made with fine metal and equipped with string, these hanging hearts make sure that love stays at your place for a long, long time. Easy to install and playful in nature, these hang hearts are the perfect gift for your Australian home. Crafted to perfection with the soothing botanical aqua and majestic gold colours, these hang hearts and bound to catch the eye of anyone who visits! Perfect for all occasions, these hang hearts are ones to cherish!

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