Hang Palm Gold

Hang Palm Gold

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  • Material: Metal, String
  • Size: 16x14.5x0.5cm


The Hang Palm Gold is a lovely decorative ornament that is made in the motif of one of the most recurring decorative motifs in Christmas decorations and celebrations - stars! Stars are important motif in Christianity. It is more so especially in Christmas decoration and celebration. This is why you can be rest assured that this gold coloured multiple pointed star ornament would be a great selling Christmas ornament.

What makes this Hang Palm Gold particularly appealing is its versatile ornamental possibilities. Given the fact that it is made through the use of premium quality metal material which guarantee long lasting usage and full value for money, it is crated in a design and motif which makes it possible to use this ornament in just about any strategic location around the home and other spatial settings such as restaurants, offices, shops, and business centres in general. Also, it is perfect for use during special occasions such as Christmas festive decoration.

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