Tidy Me -basket Maize Sml

Tidy Me -basket Maize Sml

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Bright and beautiful, the Tidy Me Basket Small is both a rustic decorative accent as well as a highly functional basket that is suitable for use in not just informal settings such as homes, but also in corporate and official settings such as offices and even schools. This adorable rustic woven basket is made in a portable dimension with polyurethane leather affixed to one side of the basket for hanging purposes.

The Tidy Me Basket Small is possesses an enduring appeal with its exemplary design which gives insight into why people have continually loved and used basket over thousands of years. This particular artful piece is made from maize straw which is skilfully woven for that purposeful use. It offers customers two placement options: they could either place it on any flat surface of their choice, or they could simply hang it up using the provided artificial leather attached to one side of the basket.

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