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Hang Gingko Gold

Hang Gingko Gold

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  • Material: Metal, String
  • Size: 15x10.5x0.5cm
The Hang Gingko Gold provides your customers with the opportunity of being able to introduce the feel and decorative flair of forest and nature into every of their interior and exterior decoration this coming Christmas. This is because this artfully crafted ornament is made in the imitative shape and likeness of the small, fan shaped leaves of the beautiful gingko plant. It even comes with a beaded string.

Did you know that a Gingko biloba tree can grow for thousands of years? Being originally native to China, did you know that there is a gingko tree in China that is said to be over 3,500 years old? That is just how amazing these incredible looking trees can be! And it is this same tree that has influenced the ornamental crafting of this decorative item. Featuring a metallic ornament that is long and wide, the Hang Gingko Gold is made in perfect imitation of the leaf of a gingko tree. Shaped in the form of a fan, it can easily be hanged around spatial settings especially in this forthcoming Christmas celebration using the cream and white coloured beaded string.

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