Hook Havana Palmwhite/gold

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    • Material: Aluminum
    • Size: Pc:6x1x13cm
    • The Hook Havana Palm is an exquisitely crafted hook that would offer your customers great value for their money. Crafted through the use of top quality aluminium material, it is made in a curved, shapely form like any conventional hook. However, unlike conventional hooks, this particular beauty has its straight end decorated with the image of the fan-shaped leaves of palm trees.

      Did you know that the tallest of all palm tree species is the wax palm (palma de cera) which is a specie native to Northern Peru and Columbia? It is the only palm specie that grows to an incredible height of 200 feet (60 metres)! It is this same palm tree that influenced the crafting of this Hook Havana Palm as it is crafted in a design which showcases the fan shaped palm tree as its motif. Securing it to walls, cabinets, beams, and other such vertical surfaces, this hook can be used to hang clothing accessories and more.

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