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Metal Bell - Medium Tree

Metal Bell - Medium Tree

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Homeowners who want their front porch or entryway to look more modern and stylish.
It has the proclivity to makes a statement when welcoming guests into one's home or shop. Likewise, this metal piece will add refinement and charms to Christmas trees and mistletoes. Metal Bell Med shows off a subtle colour tone and a slightly distressed surface.
  • Size: 15x9.5x9.5cm

It is a gorgeous centrepiece to decorate one's house at Christmas. The best part? This elegant metal art is handcrafted, hand-painted with a matte finish to breathe positive vibes into lifeless walls. It comes with a string and wooden Caribbean beads attached to the bell for easy installation. This is a conversation starter whether hanged on walls or fitted over doorknobs. Metals are abundant elements in the Earth's crust that blend effortlessly with a variety of interior styles ranging from vintage, chic to country style interior decor.

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