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Scented Purpose

Unbound - Ceramic Bowl Candle

Unbound - Ceramic Bowl Candle

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A kind new ritual has arrived ... It is Unbound.

Naturally of it's own kind.

Our triple wick ceramic bowl candle is here to provide the ultimate indulgent scented experience. Create a new ritual with the infused essential oil properties of Unbound.

We are thrilled to collaborate yet again with the talented Sydney ceramic artist Shinhee of SMA Ceramics. Just like our Kindful range this handmade bowl serves as a scented beauty - A forever piece.

TOP NOTES: Green, Lavender & Eucalyptus
MIDDLE NOTES: Blue Sage & Floral
BASE NOTES: Herbal & Petigrain

Infused with Eucalyptus, Sage, Lavandin & Petigrain essential oils & natural carriers.

Wrapped in linen cloth and tied with kind intention.

As you light this scented beauty be reminded of the simple joys and the importance of taking time to be kind to yourself. Let go of the rush and fully immerse yourself in the moment. This is beauty in it's finest light - natural and unbound.


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