Wreath Silvergum - Different Sizes Available

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  • Charm your home for the holiday season by adding a few sparks here and there. Your outer space deserves just as much attention as your interior. If you're puzzled about where to start, consider your front door. Keep it simple yet alluring with our classic-looking wreath.
    Wreath Silvergum is an excellent way to give guests a warm welcome for the festivities. You can be all classic and creative with our lush greenery wreath. A few simple additions such as a mini lightening ornament and a bright red ribbon would light up the spark on your front porch. Show your style and preferences with this bold ornament wreath. This Christmas ornament is a sophisticated showpiece and a true showstopper. Made from artificial materials such as plastic, this item complements any taste without the worries of shedding leaves that litter the house. A perfect accent that ignites the Christmas spirit and elevates the energy around one's space.
    Small - 28x28x5cm
    Large - 36x36x7cm

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